We believe in a better future for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Do you?


What is S.E.N.D. Radicals?

S.E.N.D. Radicals is a collective of free-thinking, experienced and motivated leaders who are committed to creating positive change for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (S.E.N.D.).

We’re looking for people from the worlds of education, business, culture, government, family leaders and more.

We’re currently recruiting our first cohort of Radicals, who will join us for:

  • An intensive development programme designed by Helen Sanderson and Jane Friswell, together with family leaders and young people, starting on October 3, 2016 and based around two online sessions each week with coaching and peer support built in, over four weeks with no need to travel
  • This programme will be conducted exclusively online, giving us the global reach we need to make the S.E.N.D Radicals movement influential on a global scale
  • A high-intensity learning experience formed by teamwork, personalised feedback, coaching, curated readings and the delivery of 8 projects in 4 weeks; designed to fast-track S.E.N.D leaders to the next level
  • The development and deployment of your personal Radical Goal, which you’ll work towards achieving, live, as the programme progresses
  • Ongoing membership of the S.E.N.D. Radicals movement; including ongoing opportunities for development, international networking and collaborative change-making

S.E.N.D. Radicals are selected for their drive, experience, creativity and demonstrable alignment with our mission. We make our selections through a competitive application process. If you’re ready to take new S.E.N.D thinking and action forward, we want you to
apply to join us.

We are currently recruiting for our first cohort of S.E.N.D. Radicals, who will be able to gain membership and course access for £850.00 (+VAT). The cost for future cohorts will be £1500.00 (+VAT).

There are no hidden charges or extras to pay for. This includes ongoing membership as a S.E.N.D. Radicals Alumni upon completion of the programme, which will give you access to ongoing updates and our alumni network.