Frequently Asked Questions

How is S.E.N.D. Radicals different to other courses?

Here are five ways:

1. It is designed so that you can take part whilst working full-time, without leaving your workplace

S.E.N.D. Radicals has been created as a ‘digital first’ initiative, supported by traditional books and a journal. You will still get the valuable face-to-face time with your peers, but through online video meetings in small groups. You’ll deliver 8 projects through the programme, three evenings a week and half a day on Sunday over four weeks.

Each group has a coach who leads from behind, supporting participants to be bold, think for themselves and stretch. Participants communicate in between sessions through Slack, a free online messaging app, and talk in small groups face-to-face on Zoom, which is free online videoconferencing software.

2. It is project based – so that participants deliver change as a result of the programme

In the first project we support you to think about a specific goal to focus on during the programme. Every subsequent project will stretch your thinking about the project, in how you are framing it, the role of co-production, how you address constrains and communicates it. We use your project as a way to apply what you learn – and what you learn and how you change will impact on all of your work.

3. We take a cross-sector approach to building valuable connections

You can download innovative material on leadership from the web, meeting new, long-term connections is the key to growing and achieving enduring change. The course is build around developing relationships with other leaders from a range of sectors where the S.E.N.D. agenda matters. These relationships will create collaborative opportunities for years to come as well as changing how you think and work now.

4. It has co-production at its heart

Co-production is central to change in S.E.N.D. In the briefings for each project you will here the perspective of a young person with S.E.N.D., and a family member. Throughout the projects we will be exploring what co-production means in relation to the your goal and your work. We will not be running this course in a bubble!

5. It does not stop after the programme

At the end of the programme, our alumni will be proactively building an international, lasting community of Radicals who will shape the future. We know that a big part of the success of the programme is the relationships you will make and the programme is designed to maximise this both during and after the course. Our online alumni network will provide the ideal way to keep in touch.


Who is it for?

Leaders who want to grow, learn and stretch; and who want to be known for making change. Leaders are everywhere – some in traditional leadership roles, others leading from where they are.

You might be:

  • A school governor
  • A SENCo or teacher
  • The head of a private sector, commercial organisation – such as a bank, airline, supermarket or local shop
  • Someone who works in arts, culture, or other leisure activities where you want to demonstrate a commitment to young people with S.E.N.D.
  • A social worker or senior member of a social work team
  • Someone who works in healthcare, such as a GP, nurse, doctor, policymaker, manager – or something else entirely!

Our strength lies in our diversity – so if you’re not sure if you’re suitable, you probably are! Get in touch via or apply and find out.


How much does it cost?

The first cohort of S.E.N.D. Radicals will be able to participate in the programme at a reduced rate of £850 (+VAT), instead of the future rate of £1500.

But S.E.N.D. Radicals is also about ambition and commitment, and as such, it costs time as well as money. This intensive experience will run alongside your day job, and we don’t shy away from the fact that it will be tough – but it’s designed to fast-track your leadership to the next level.

The fee includes:

  • 6 books, provided before we start
  • 2 e-learning licences
  • A journal to record your ideas that is linked to each of the 8 sessions
  • Access to all online sessions
  • Access to a number of online webinars, known as ‘EdTalks’, delivered by leading figures in the field
  • Membership of the ongoing S.E.N.D. Radicals alumni network and website resources


What technology do I need?

You simply need laptop with a high-speed internet connection and a webcam. We’d also recommend putting the dates in your diary, and having a desire to change and be part of a international group of S.E.N.D. Radicals! Aside from that, we will guide you through the set up for any programmes or apps you might need.


Can I get support with the funding?

We encourage applicants to apply first, and for those who would like funding guidance, we will provide it. This could be via a personal e-mail from us, or by exploring our pre-written funding guidance which we have tailored to a number of sectors.


Will I have to travel?

No. The course exists entirely online. However, we hope that in the future our S.E.N.D. Radicals alumni may start to meet up in person!


What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations or deferrals received within 2 weeks of the program start date are subject to a payment of 50% of the programme costs. Requests received after the programme start date are subject to full payment of the workshop fee.


How do I apply?

Apply here.