Who is driving the S.E.N.D. Radicals movement?

Our vision is for a grassroots, member-led S.E.N.D. Radicals movement. Following completion of the course, Radicals will shape the movement’s future and have the opportunity to become coaches themselves.

The team delivering the programme include family leaders and young people, as well as leading experts delivering a range of online webinars.

The S.E.N.D. Radicals founders, who will be leading the first cohort’s development, are:



Helen Sanderson

“I believe in a future where everyone is valued and appreciated as an individual. A world where we all get the support we need to thrive, in our communities, our workplaces and our personal lives.”

Helen is CEO of Helen Sanderson Associates, a social enterprise that works collaboratively to embed person-centred practices in the heart of teams and organisations. Helen and H S A developed one-page profiles, person-centred reviews, and Working Together for Change. These person-centred practices are being used by innovative schools and colleges to make positive change, and are recommended best practice in the Government’s guide ‘Personalisation through Person-Centred Practices’.

Helen and H.S.A were part of the Department of Education commissioned ‘Preparing for Adulthood Team’ and was a co-author of the toolkit from this to support the implementation of Education, Health and Care Plans.

Helen is the author of over 20 books, including:

Helen is also co-founder of Community Circles. Research by the London School of Economics showed that Circles made a significant difference in the lives of families and young people with S.E.N.D.

Working Out Loud is one of the many concepts featured on the course. Helen works closely with John Stepper, author of the book ‘Working Out Loud’, and is co-leading the first course on Working Out Loud Circles.

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Jane Friswell

“I believe that for those whose ambition is to positively transform the lives of children and young people with SEND and their families, that they can and will do this. Harnessing the combined talents of young people, their families and our workforce is a powerful and collaborative force to make the changes necessary to improve outcomes for everyone”.

Having previously worked as a teacher, Special Needs Co-ordinator, Head teacher and established one of the first Parent Partnership Services in England in 1994 and as the former Chief Executive of nasen, Jane is now Chief Executive of SEND Consultancy, a new and ambitious organisation established with young people with SEND which aims to harness combined talent in SEND to improve outcomes for all through effective leadership for change. Jane is also the parent of a young man with additional needs.

Jane has worked advising on government policy, developing and establishing training for educational professionals, innovation and product development, school inspection and more recently providing national advisory support for children and young people’s mental health. She is the author of a wide range of professional articles, DfE funded national guidance, Access, Participation & Achievement for Primary & Secondary SENCOs (2012, 2013), three successful editions of SEND & School Inspection Guidance (2012, 2014, 2015) and SEND Handbook, 2013, 2015. She is currently working on national SEND Improvement Guidance for Local Authorities and schools to be published later this year.

During her tenure as Chief Executive at nasen, Jane led and made a significant contribution to the national transition of reform for SEND while leading a comprehensive SEN national events programme to inform educators of change. She also established one of the first Parent Partnership Services in England, and is a support and Trustee of a range of organisations supporting young people and adults with learning disabilities.

Jane continues to work with central government and international partners in an advisory capacity supporting the international agenda for SEND.

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